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What distinguishes Convexia from other companies in the area of outsourced administrative and accounting services?

All the positions in our company are filled by professionals or advanced students in Economics. Those positions, the services of which do not require university knowledge, are filled by staff with wide experience in the area of their specialty.

The management of Convexia keeps a close and continuous relationship with their work team and the daily activities of its managements, without losing sight of the global business.

We are proud to promote an open-door policy with all the members of our staff and favor the direct access of our clients in the event of queries related to the daily activities.

Furthermore, Brea Solans & Asociados provides us with their advice thus keeping us updated in reference to the services we render to our clients and all those matters regarding our entrepreneurial interest.

In brief, we provide an efficient BPO service, based on our experience and tailored to the needs of each of our clients according to the standards of a big company and the added value of a unique professional staff.

Expertise - Professionalism - Efficiency - Adaptability

Convexia's proposal to develop value in your companies?

Convexia proposes to develop value in each of its clients, assure excellence in the service by providing a safe professional administration without risks.

The accounting reports we issue will comply not only with the accounting standards in force in Argentina but also with those we will be required for purposes of consolidation with the parent companies; in addition it will be accurate, timely and useful for management purposes.

The constant follow-up of the management by experts in matters of accounting, administration, monetary and exchange regulations, taxes, payroll and social security taxes will assure you the compliance with all regulatory rules in those areas in due time and form, taking advantages of all those benefits in which the company may apply due to its activity or location among other parameters.

Furthermore, Convexia has strategic alliances with other services providers, such as insurance brokers, commercial stationary suppliers, hardware or network installers, customs’ agents, logistics suppliers and records storage providers, all of which can be referred, contacted or hired on your behalf in the event you need them in order to optimize your indirect costs when applicable to your activities.

In addition to this, you will have the typical economic savings of having an efficient work team appropriate for your needs, fulfilling any and all Convexia’s procedures and those particularly required by the control standards of our clients, without the labor or social security contingencies that a similar team under employment agreement would imply.

An administrative-financial department in our workstations being an integral part of your company.


Each operative or supporting sector of our firm has its own procedures, which, as a whole, are an integral part of Convexia’s “Manual of Procedures”.

The rules contained therein comply with the strictest internal control regulations in all the areas of performance. The original Manual of our firm, written in the very moment of its creation, has undergone continuous updates according to external and internal requirements.

Nowadays, we are under a renewal and updating process, preparing all our systems and procedures to apply in a near future to the ISO standards.

The compliance with the rules and procedures of the firm is supervised by an internal auditing committee that periodically audits the work teams and reports directly to a reviewing committee of Partners in charge of each of our clients.

Data protection

Convexia complies with all the local regulations about data protection and assists to different foreign-source clients; therefore it also complies with the rules of their country of origin, which are required by their parent companies.

Furthermore, in Argentina there are specific standards about integral personal data protection registered in public or private entities to guarantee the rights of honor and of individual privacy.


Personal information:

It will be necessary to answer these and some other questions for our management to be able to prepare a proposal of services adjusted to your administrative requirements:

What kind of business does/will your company operate in Argentina?
Is it a local or foreign undertaking?
Is it a manufacturing company, or does it only sell or render services?
Which is the market segment your company belongs to?
In which area of our country do/will you develop your business?
How many purchase transactions do you make or do you estimate for your company?
And, what about sales?
How many banks do you operate with or believe that you will operate with?
Do/Will you use own accounting-administrative software or could it be adapted to ours?
Are you considering having your own payroll?
Will you require a full service or a segmented service?
In the event of a segmented service, could you please inform us which ones?
Will you need paralegal services?
Do/Will you have a legal advisor in Argentina?

Preferentemente completar todos los datos para una mejor presupuestación