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Fundación Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement

Convexia, its partners, associates and staff play an active role in Fundación Junior Achievement, an international non-for-profit organization dedicated to educating young people. Its mission is to inspire, encourage and develop the entrepreneurial spirit to achieve their successes and goals within a framework of responsibility and freedom,

Furthermore, we have joined the Sponsorship Program – Club de Padrinos – of this organization by means of which training courses are sponsored at schools lacking economic resources.

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Fundación Garrahan


Since the last 40 years, the National Hospital of Pediatrics, Prof. Dr. Juan P. Garrahan has been committed to the following objectives:

  • Provide children with integral medical assistance of the best quality available.
  • Act as Referral Hospital of the pediatric medical assistance system, mainly in the Metropolitan area, taking into account its nationwide projection.
  • Carry out training and research programs based on the complexity level in the medical and health-administrative assistance scope.

Among the different campaigns intended to raise funds, the Hospital Foundation collects paper, plastic and metal keys.

In order to collaborate with those campaigns, and following our environmentally friendly policies, all the paper used and discharged is collected in containers provided by the Foundation.

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Aid campaign for specific humanitarian programs

We sponsor sports tournaments and events for the benefit of public welfare institutions such as Fundación Providencia or Parroquia María Madre de la Iglesia located in Pablo Nogués, Province of Buenos Aires.

We frequently carry out aid campaigns for charity purposes in order to cooperate with schools lacking economic resources donating school supplies and toys for Capilla Jesús Eucarística located in Pablo Nogués, Province of Buenos Aires.

Every year, our work team brings new ideas to the management, and then, we choose those projects in which we can cooperate and offer our solidarity.


Personal information:

It will be necessary to answer these and some other questions for our management to be able to prepare a proposal of services adjusted to your administrative requirements:

What kind of business does/will your company operate in Argentina?
Is it a local or foreign undertaking?
Is it a manufacturing company, or does it only sell or render services?
Which is the market segment your company belongs to?
In which area of our country do/will you develop your business?
How many purchase transactions do you make or do you estimate for your company?
And, what about sales?
How many banks do you operate with or believe that you will operate with?
Do/Will you use own accounting-administrative software or could it be adapted to ours?
Are you considering having your own payroll?
Will you require a full service or a segmented service?
In the event of a segmented service, could you please inform us which ones?
Will you need paralegal services?
Do/Will you have a legal advisor in Argentina?

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